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Empress Elisabeth of Austria (1854-1898) and Queen consort of Hungary (1867-1898) was surrounded by love and worship in Hungary during her lifetime, which increased after her tragic death. This interest and admiration towards her have not decreased over more than one hundred-twenty years.

Perhaps the Empress was unaware of the fact that it was also herself, although unintentionally, who created a mysterious atmosphere around herself. She had already become a legend partly thanks to her beauty during her lifetime. She did not allow any photos taken of her after she became 29 and a half years old (at the age of 30, she was pregnant with Marie Valerie, who was born on 22 April 1868), and soon she refused to seat in front of painters as well. The portrait left is an exeption: in this, she is 41-42 years old (by Georg Raab, 1879). (More about it: Here.)

“Authentic paintings have never been made of Mama. (…) And it will happen to everything that is said or written about her” – wrote Marie Valerie, Elisabeth’s daughter in her diary on 31 December 1898. The aim of the TEMPT – The Empress Memory Team is to keep the memory of Elisabeth alive and make an attempt to present her as trustworthy as it is possible.

Thanks to one of my videos, the Hungarian branch of the Habsburg family got to know my work and contacted me. Through Count János Seremetyeff-Papp, who is close to the family, they received several of my articles and short films and decided to open their family archives, which had been closed to others. In recognition of my work, Archduke Michael von Habsburg-Lothringen, great-grandson of Queen Elisabeth, wrote a recommendation for my book, emphasising that I present authentically the life of Queen Elisabeth and her role in the Hungarian history.

Barbara Káli-Rozmis

Researcher of Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Queen of Hungary

Photo by Mark Széchenyi


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Archduchess Marie Valerie with her husband and family. Austrian National Library, No.: Pf 14519:D(14)



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The Visits of Empress Elisabeth of Austria in Britain and its Impact on the English and Irish People

by Barbara Káli-Rozmis

Abstract – No.: DOI 10.51313/alumni-2020-2





A presentation by Barbara Káli-Rozmis

Subtitled video about my book: Queen Elisabeth and the Hungarians – Friendship or Love

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Crown Prince Rudolf (SUBTITLED)

Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Xavier Paoli (SUBTITLED)

Elisabeth as a mother (SUBTITLED)

The Buda Hills Summer Villa of Sisi and her Children during Cholera – SUBTITLED video

A presentation by Barbara Káli-Rozmis

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A presentation by Barbara Káli-Rozmis

Ernst Marischka: Sissi-trilogy. Facts and interesting things – background information relating to the movie. (First video) – SUBTITLED video

A presentation by Barbara Káli-Rozmis

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