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Thank the Austrian National Library (ÖNB) for the photos of which the gifts were made.  The photos were modified (improvements on their colours and edits).

1 photo magnet: 1.5 Euro. Minimum order (5 magnets): 7.5 Euro.

Shipping costs: via registered mail circa 6-7 Euro (It depends on the destination.)

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Magnets to choose from:

Family magnets (they cannot be ordered separately.) – photo left (5 magnets)

Photo magnet selection – you can choose from 17 photo magnets.

Each photo magnet is wrapped separately (we deliver them in wrapping), you can see the magnet without wrapping, on the fridge (first photo).

Size of the magnets: 9 x 6 cm

More information about the photos:

In most of the photos, Elisabeth can be seen, except: 11. Franz Joseph, 13. Crown Prince Rudolf, 14. Princess Stephanie, Rudolf’s wife, 15. Franz Joseph and Elisabeth, 16. Marie Wallersee and Marie Valerie.

Family Magnets (magnets above): Elisabeth, Franz Joseph, Gisela, Rudolf, Marie Valerie. (Magnets of Family magnet cannot be ordered separately.)

Photo magnet selection (you can choose from 1-17)