Mónika Czédly fashion designer

Authentic Replicas of the Dresses of Empress-Queen Elisabeth
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Mónika Czédly és Melinda Vilman (Sisi)

My family has been dealing with dresses since my great-great-grandfather, Ferenc D’Elia opened his shop at 8 Dorottya Street, Budapest, in May 1886. Since then sewing has been both profession and passion for all the members of my family. The D’Elia Salon in Dorottya Street was so remarkable that notable people did their shopping there. Natalie Queen of Serbia also bought clothes in the family shop in 1886.

I started drawing the coronation gown of Queen Elisabeth when I was five years old, however, then I was too young to know what I saw in the picture of the books. I have been designing and making wedding dresses since 1988, and the elements of the coronation gown often turn up on these dresses. I have been researching the life of Queen Elisabeth, especially the story of her dresses. I have already made the authentic replica of fifteen gowns. We show these dresses in travelling exhibitions in Europe, fashion shows and in films.

I have already made the replicas of 15 dresses of Queen Elisabeth.

In 2014, I was rewarded with “the Entrepreneur of the Year Award” by the Government of Gödöllő, and in 2017, I was rewarded with “the Elisabeth Award”.

In 2017 and 2018, I was rewarded with the “Hungarian Handicraft Masterpiece Award” (Magyar Kézműves Remek Díj) by the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. I was given this Award due to the replica of the coronation gown, which is a unique masterpiece in the world and the replica of the 1854 Hungarian gown of Queen Elisabeth.

With this exhibition, the dream of my life has come true.

Mónika Czédly fashion designer

Textile Chemistry Technician, Model Designer Editor, Merchant

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Empress and Queen Elisabeth’s dresses made by Mónika Czédly – Exhibition – Opatija, Croatia