Barbara Káli-Rozmis, Researcher of Empress Elisabeth of Austria

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Palace Elisabeth Hotel Opening Ceremony (Barbara Káli-Rozmis and Mónika Czédly) Hvar Island, Croatia

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Youtube channel (subtitled in English): Elisabeth on YouTube (Barbara Káli-Rozmis) 

Facebook: Empress Elisabeth  (Hungarian-English posts)

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Publishing: The Hungarian edition of Jean des Cars’ book: Ferenc József és Sisi

Helikon Kiadó, 2019

Translator: Ágnes Tótfalusi 

Lector-editor: Barbara Káli-Rozmis

Purchase the Hungarian edition: Click here.



Palace Elisabeth Hotel Opening Ceremony – September 2019

Hvar Island, Croatia

With Mónica Czédly fasion designer

(authentic replicas of the gowns of Empress Elisabeth)



TCS Summit 2018: Europe’s premier leadership conference. InterContinental Budapest, 26-28 September 2018

Queen Elisabeth Program (optional program during the conference): “In the footsteps of Sissi” – Barbara Káli-Rozmis and Erika Mausch

Presentations about Queen Elisabeth at places connected to her (Royal Waiting Room in Western Railway Station; Castle District; Matthias Church; Gerbeaud Confectionery; Vigado Hall)





Stefánia Palace, Budapest, 25 November 2018 – the whole program is in Hungarian
Presentation by Barbara Káli-Rozmis and an Exhibition by Mónika Czédly


  • Budapest Dance Studio: Viennese Waltz and Hungarian Dances – “Palotás” and “Csárdás”. Song from Elizabeth Musical (in Hungarian) by Anita Potvorszki. Budapest Dance Studio: Blue Danube Waltz. Song from Rudolf Musical (in Hungarian) by Anita Potvorszki.
  • Presentation of Barbara Káli-Rozmis, the researcher of Empress and Queen Elisabeth
  • Exhibition: Replicas of Queen Elisabeth’s Dresses and presentation about them by Mónika Czédly
  • (Optional program) Gastronomic time travel: Dishes that Elisabeth was fond of

TEMPT – The Empress Memory Team

The aim of the TEMPT – The Empress Memory Team is founded to keep the memory of Elisabeth alive with a view of presenting the unbiased and up to date image of the Empress in front of our Readers and Audience.

Facebook: TEMPT Princess;  Elisabeth-Page – Facebook: Erzsébet királyné – Empress Elisabeth


The Love of a Mother: Empress Elisabeth’s first child, Archduchess Sophie – Subtitled video, which tells about the life and death of the little Archduchess Sophie (in great details). From the second half of the video, you may get to know interesting things about the Hungarian tour of the Imperial family in 1857.