Barbara Káli-Rozmis, Researcher of Empress Elisabeth of Austria

Book: Queen Elisabeth and the Hungarian – Friendship or Love?

by Barbara Káli-Rozmis

The Recommendation was written by Archduke Michael von Habsburg-Lothringen, great-great-grandson of Empress-Queen Elisabeth. Special thanks to Count János Seremetyeff-Papp, who helped with a lot of valuable advice and the picture selection (many of the images are from the Family Archive of the Hungarian branch of the Habsburg family). Read more about the book HERE.

On this page, you can read about some interviews given by me, as well as about some projects in which I am involved.

Expert proofreader: Historian Patricia Zita Pálinkás
Publisher: Helikon Kiadó, October 2021 (Language: Hungarian)


Móra Ferenc Museum Szeged

The author of the book is the researcher of Empress-Queen Elisabeth. The historical facts and contexts are interpreted in a comprehensible and readable way, the book almost seems to be a novel. Nevertheless, the work is by no means a fiction, as events come to life using authentic contemporary reports, recollections, diary entries and private letters. Many of the source materials have not been processed or published to such depth until now. Dialogues have been reconstructed as authentically as possible – so they are not only “based” on the sources, but were recorded by the contemporaries of Empress-Queen Elisabeth. The understandable and readable form of the scholarly book is intended to reach a wider readership. Through a novel approach, the readers become acquainted with historical characters by engaging themselves in a series of events.

The Képmás Magazin (Print. – pictures of it above right) chose it as “one of the most beautiful Christmas presents of 2021” in its printed paper.

Read more about the book here: My book Purchase the Hungarian edition: Click here.

The book has been one of the most successful publications of Libri Publisher Ltd., in which Helikon Publisher is included.



Káli-Rozmis Barbara’s first book, Queen Elisabeth and the Hungarians – Friendship or Love? was published (in Hungarian) in 2021 and won the “Book of the Year 2022” award in the historical non-fiction category, based on reader votes. The second volume will be published on 9 October 2023 under the title Passion in the Captivity of Rank – Sisi in a Circle of Friends and Family.

Photo right: “The Book of the Year 2022” Award. (Photo: Márk Széchenyi)

Both books are reviewed by historian Patricia Zita Pálinkás.

Art historian Dániel Borovi provided professional assistance in the illustrations of the second volume. The author’s conversations with Count János Seremetyeff-Papp, a relative of the Hungarian branch of the Habsburg family, contributed to the authentic revival of the period.

Photo right: “The Book of the Year 2022” Award. (Photo: Márk Széchenyi)

TEMPT – The Empress Memory Team

I am the founder of the TEMPT – The Empress Memory Team, which aim is to keep the memory of Elisabeth alive with a view of presenting the unbiased and up to date image of the Empress in front of our Readers and Audience.

In the photo: János Seremetyeff-Papp, Barbara Káli-Rozmis and Mónika Czédly

Introduction of TEMPT Princess: Here


Nők Lapja (“Women’s Magazine”): Interview with Barbara Káli-Rozmis about her work as a researcher of Empress-Queen Elisabeth

Three-page interview with Barbara Káli-Rozmis about her book in Nők Lapja (“Women’s Magazine”), which has been one of the leading weekly magazines in Hungary since 1949. (The replica of Empress-Queen Elisabeth’s first Hungarian ceremonial gown worn by the author of the book was made by fashion designer Mónika Czédly.)

A three-page interview in the “Közeli” column of Nők Lapja: “A Cloudwalk with Sisi – Barbara Káli-Rozmis, researcher of Queen Elisabeth” . 2022. február 16:

The interview was conducted by Emese Dudics about my work and my book Queen Elisabeth and the Hungarians – Friendship or Love. And some thoughts about my second book on her which has been in progress. Read the beginning of the interview online (in Hungarian) for free: HERE






Múlt-kor Magazine 2024 Spring issue: CHANGING IMAGES OF SISI IN THE MOVIE – “Fairy” in a distorted mirror

At the request of the history magazine Múlt-kor (“The Past”), I wrote an article on how the portrayal of Empress-Queen Elisabeth on the silver screen has changed over the past century, and how authentic her image is.
Introduction: The cult of Empress-Queen Elisabeth began in Hungary during her lifetime, but in her last years the Viennese people showed little interest in her.
This changed when she was assassinated on 10 September 1898. They soon realised that the story of the unhappy empress was a highly ‘marketable’ one, and began selling her portraits and memorabilia with her photo on them. In the year following her death, the first books about her were published, and soon she became the heroine of novels, plays and silent films, which retold her life in a romanticised way, rewriting elements of reality.

Barbara Káli-Rozmis

The magazine is available in print and digital editions: Click here

DUNA TV Ridikül – The 185-Year-Old Icon – 2 September 2022

We were guests of Ridikül of Duna TV. Actress-musical singer Kata Janza, Queen Elisabeth researcher Barbara Káli-Rozmis, actor-musical singer Dénes Kocsis and museum pedagogue of the Royal Palace of Gödöllő Erzsébet Demeter-Guba, as well as fashion designer Mónika Czédly, whose three “Queen Elisabeth dress replicas” can be seen in the show.
The programme will be broadcast on 2 September 2022 at the following times:
DUNA TV – Friday 4 p.m. In the evening. Duna World – Friday 9:40 p.m. You can see the TV-programme HERE.
You can read the description of the programme here; click on the main picture on the page to see the photo gallery: HERE



M2 Petőfi TV – 29 October 2022. “Nézzünk szét” – Elisabeth Wittelsbach and the old and new films about her

I was a guest on M2 Petőfi TV. The interview with me starts at 25:15 in the video below. It starts with a 1.5 minute trailer for the Netflix series (The Empress).

Watch the interview (Hungarian): M2 Petőfi TV – October 29, 2022 “Nézzünk szét”.




Slovenian Television, 13 October 2022. Empress and Queen Elisabeth – Captivated by Beauty

We were guests of Slovenian Television. The report was made in the Royal Palace of Gödöllő and Schloss Halbturn (Austria). Petra Bobovec Szabó, journalist of the Lendvai Hungarian Programmes Studio of Slovenian Television, interviewed fashion designer Mónika Czédly, Elisabeth researcher Barbara Káli-Rozmis and historian Katrin Unterreiner. The report in Hungarian with Slovenian subtitles can be watched HERE: Captivated by Beauty





M5 História – 8 January 2022. Sisi and the Reconciliation

TV interview

“The programme focuses on important, fate-turning events, controversial issues and mysterious happenings in the Hungarian history. In the first episode, one gets an insight into the life of Queen Elisabeth. In addition to cultural history, we look at the Queen’s Hungarian connections and her role in the Reconciliation.”

Hosted by Szilárd Horváth

First, host Szilárd Horváth welcomes the audience with Barbara Káli-Rozmis, then a report about “The Wittelsbachs – Sisi’s Family” (temporary exhibition of the Hungarian National Museum) with curator Csilla Kollár, followed by an interview with researcher Barbara Káli-Rozmis about Elisabeth’s personality, the Sissi trilogy directed by Ernst Marischka and the new Sisi-series. Then, an interview with historian Csaba Katona about the political background of the Reconciliation, and finally, Éva Kovács, a museologist at the Royal Palace of Gödöllő, shares interesting facts about the Queen in connection with publications about her and the exhibition at the Royal Palace.

The one-hour-TV programme is already available (in Hungarian) on YouTube: M5 História – Sisi

M5 Kritika 14 July 2023.


I was a guest of the M5 programme Kritika in connection with the exhibition “Sisi and Folk Art – The Appeal of Lace”.
You can watch the broadcast of 14 July 2023 here.



Nők Lapja (“Women’s Magazine”), 2022. február 16: Interview with Barbara Káli-Rozmis about her work as a researcher of Empress-Queen Elisabeth

Three-page interview with Barbara Káli-Rozmis about her book in Nők Lapja.

The interview was conducted by Emese Dudics about my work and my book Queen Elisabeth and the Hungarians – Friendship or Love. And some thoughts about my second book on her which has been in progress. Read the beginning of the interview online (in Hungarian) for free: HERE



VR Experience – Schloss Schönbrunn

The Most Immersive VR (Virtual Reality) Experience

Dress by Mónika Czédly


I (Barbara Káli-Rozmis) participated together with fashion designer Mónika Czédly in a new short documentary VR project for Schloss Schönbrunn. Several of Mónika Czédly’s Empress Elisabeth dress replicas are featured in the new film, as well as two of her men’s outfits. We are delighted to have been part of this fantastic project, the results of which can already be seen. Tickets are available at the link.




“The true story of Schönbrunn Palace Vienna is brought to life: take in 360° perspective in unprecedented 4K image quality and crystal-clear sound, combined in the most cutting-edge VR technology. Take a seat on our comfortable baroque-style chairs and witness the still untold history of Schönbrunn Palace.”

Available in 19 Languages
Duration: 24 Minutes
One-of-a-kind Audio Experience

Tickets available: HERE

Metropol, 10 January 2022.

Interview with Barbara Káli-Rozmis in one of the Budapest daily paper (available at all Metro Stations)

A two-page newspaper article was published in Metropol by László Bóka, the historian of Erzsébetváros. We had a long and very pleasant conversation about the Queen, and about my book Queen Elisabeth and the Hungarians. I am grateful to him for finding my book a worthy and excellent publication dedicated to the memory of Elisabeth. Part of the article can be read online: Metropol – Sisi

Metropol is a free daily newspaper of the Hungarian capital, Budapest.


Monarchia Operett – “Sissi – A magyar királyné” – Operetta Booklet

I was asked by Péter Erik Kollár, the leader of the “Monarchia Operett” to write one-one pages of the two main historical characters of the successful Hungarian operette. I was asked to introduce the historical Queen Elisabeth and Count Gyula Andrássy as interestingly as possible by short stories about them.

In the photo right: Viktória Denk (Queen Elisabeth), Dániel Árvai (Count Gyula Andrássy), Péter Erik Kollár (Flórián) and Barbara Káli-Rozmis (Resercher of Empress-Queen Elisabeth)

Website of the Monarchia Operett: Here. Instagram: monarchiaoperett


Radió Bézs – 8 June 2022, 8:00 pm

One hour interview with Barbara Káli-Rozmis

On the occasion of the coronation anniversary (8 June 1867), Tamás Zoltán talked to Barbara Káli-Rozmis about her book “Queen Elisabeth and the Hungarians – Friendship or Love?“, published last October.

You can listen to the aprox. one radio hour programme (in Hungarian) here (the programme starts after some music): Here – 15 May 2022. It is disgraceful that Sisi’s story was turned into Game of Thrones
Interview by Tímea Gulisio with Barbara Káli-Rozmis

“There are historical figures around whom legends abound and whose lives are interesting for the general public. One such is Queen Elisabeth, wife of Franz Joseph, known as Sisi, about whom a series has been presented recently. But how much of what we see on TV has to do with reality?
She was beautiful, and her life was marked by a series of tragedies, so it is not surprising that books, films and series are still being made about Queen Elisabeth. Most recently, RTL Klub presented a series called Sisi. But how accurate is the historical reality of what we see on TV? We asked Barbara Káli-Rozmis, author of the book Queen Elisabeth and the Hungarians.” The interview can be read HERE.


Book Launch (by Barbara Káli-Rozmis) – Thursday, 7 October 2021, MÓRA FERENC MUSEUM, Szeged during the “SISI – Queen in Black and White exhibition”

Barbara Káli-Rozmis
“Erzsébet királyné és a magyarok” by Barbara Káli-Rozmis


“This autumn, in connection with the Queen Elisabeth Exhibition at the Móra Ferenc Museum, we will be launching the book Erzsébet királyné és a magyarok – Barátság vagy szerelem? (Queen Elisabeth and the Hungarians – Friendship or Love?) by Barbara Káli-Rozmis. The Austrian Empress and Hungarian Queen Elisabeth was already a cult figure in her own lifetime, a cult that was further enhanced by her death. The admiration and interest in her person is still considerable today. In her book, Barbara Káli-Rozmis studies the life of Queen Elisabeth and the accounts of the period to find out whether the German-born wife of an Austrian monarch can be considered Hungarian.





“SISI-Queen in Black and White exhibition”. Replica made by Mónika Czédly.

Participants in the programme will learn many interesting facts and get an accurate picture of what Queen Elisabeth was really like. With the help of fashion designer Mónika Czédly, they will also get an insight into the history of the Queen’s famous wardrobe.
Count János Seremetyeff-Papp, curator of the Archives of the Hungarian branch of the Habsburg family, will give a toast at the book launch. Expert proofreader of the book: historian Patricia Zita Pálinkás.”







In the photo: János Seremetyeff-Papp, Barbara Káli-Rozmis and Mónika Czédly

Photo right: Móra Ferenc Museum Szeged – SISI – Queen in Black and White exhibition” – A temporary exhibition by the Hungarian National Museum and MFM Szeged






Barbara Káli-Rozmis and Viktória Vas. Dress made by Mónika Czédly.
The Empress’ original bodice in which she was assassinated

MÓRA FERENC MUSEUM, Szeged – The bodice which the Empress wore during her assassination is now exhibited

“We invite all museum lovers, families and of course all those who like to visit the city on the banks of the River Tisza to Szeged and its surroundings for a colourful, fun-filled night. The programme includes guided tours and a detective game in every corner of the Móra Ferenc Museum buildings. On this night, researcher Barbara Káli-Rozmis will give four lectures (on four different themes) on
Empress-Queen Elisabeth, while curator Csilla Kollár (Hungarian National Museum) will give guided tours of the “SISI – Queen in Black and White exhibition”, where the original bodice which the Empress was wearing during the assassination and her death is now exhibited. On this night, Queen Elisabeth will be impersonated by Viktória Vas, Living History Interpreter.”


Austrian Radio, ORF Ungarisches Magazin: Austrian – Hungarian Festive Traditions

“The visitors of the Wiener Christmas Salon could get acquainted with the book Queen Elisabeth and the Hungarians, published in October by Barbara Káli-Rozmis, Helikon Kiadó. The publication includes contemporary memoirs, diary entries and private letters on the story of Elisabeth.”

The event was the subject of a radio report by Alexandra Nagy, broadcast by ORF Ungarisches Magazin. You can also listen to excerpts from the report: Austrian – Hungarian Festive Traditions

The full event can be watched here (in Hungarian): Book presentation and Queen Elisabeth’s dress replicas by Mónika Czédly at the Wiener Christmas Salon.


M1 TV riport – I.RoyalCake event at Royal Palace of Gödöllő

On 9 November 2019, at the I.RoyalCake event, TV report by Szilvia Bognár focuses on cakes and sweets. Interviews with Eilika Habsburg (the main patron of the event), Veronika Magyarné Fekete (the main organiser of the competition), the two winners of the competition (from the many winning creations) – including the grand prize winners and their creations. Monika Halmos and Barbara Káli-Rozmis were asked about Sisi’s favourite sweets and Elisabeth’s appearance. Mónika Czédly fashion designer was asked about her authentic replicas of the Queen’s dresses. And, of course, with Queen Elisabeth’s impersonator, Viktória Vas, who is wearing Mónika Czédly’s marvellous dress, the replica of the Queen’s Hungarian ceremonial gown.



Interview in “Új Néplap”, March, 2020

Nóra P. Pusztai, a journalist of Új Néplap, the daily newspaper of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county, interviewed me, the text is also available online. The “Csépa connection” refers to the fact that my father’s family is of noble origin (Rozmis) and the Rozmis, together with other noble families, were involved in the foundation of Csépa (“Noble Csépa”) centuries ago. My dad lived in Csépa until he was 15, when he went to secondary school and his parents moved away from the village.
I was delighted to give a lecture in Csépa in February, it was an honour.
Thank you very much to Nóra P. Pusztai for interviewing me.

Read the interview online:  Erzsébet királyné korát kutatja a csépai kötődésű fiatal lány



Palace Elisabeth Hotel Opening Ceremony (Barbara Káli-Rozmis and Mónika Czédly fashion designer – replicas of Elisabeth’s dresses) Hvar Island, Croatia
Photo by Márk Széchenyi

Publications about the Empress and her family

In English: Empress Elisabeth

In Hungarian: Erzsébet királyné

Youtube channel (subtitled in English): Elisabeth on YouTube (Barbara Káli-Rozmis) 

Facebook: Empress Elisabeth  (Hungarian-English posts)

Programs: Presentations of Barbara Káli-Rozmis: Programs

Interviews: Interviews (Hungarian)



Barbara Káli-Rozmis as expert proofreader of books relating to the Empress 

Publishing: The Hungarian edition of The Diary of Countess Marie Festetics

Authors: Beatrix Meyer – Gudula Walterskirchen

Helikon Kiadó, 2019

Translator: Lídia Nádori

Expert proofreader-editor of the Hungarian publication: Barbara Káli-Rozmis

Purchase the Hungarian edition: Click here.

Publishing: The Hungarian edition of Jean des Cars’ book: Ferenc József és Sisi

Helikon Kiadó, 2019

Translator: Ágnes Tótfalusi 

Expert proofreader-editor: Barbara Káli-Rozmis

Purchase the Hungarian edition: Click here.


The Visits of Empress Elisabeth of Austria in Britain and its Impact on the English and Irish People

by Barbara Káli-Rozmis

Abstract – No.: DOI 10.51313/alumni-2020-2

This paper focuses on the impact the visits of Empress Elisabeth of Austria (1854-1898) and Queen consort of Hungary (1867-1898) had on the British and Irish people. Elisabeth is mostly remembered as being one of the most beautiful women of her time. However, she was also one of the best women riders of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. It might not be an exaggeration to say that her name can be mentioned among the best who have ever ridden in the British Isles. In Britain, between 1874 and 1882 the Empress stayed seven times: five times in England and twice in Ireland. The English said that “there was nothing but praise for a woman [Empress Elisabeth] who ‘looked like an angel and rode like the devil’” (Haslip 1987: 325).

Download the article (English) from here: Freeside Europe (free pdf)

Palace Elisabeth Hotel Opening Ceremony – September 2019

Hvar Island, Croatia

With Mónica Czédly fasion designer (authentic replicas of the gowns of Empress Elisabeth)



Barbara Káli-Rozmis with Mónika Czédly fashion designer – Opening Ceremony of the Palace Elisabeth Hotel, Hvar Island, Croatia






TCS Summit 2018: Europe’s premier leadership conference. InterContinental Budapest, 26-28 September 2018

Queen Elisabeth Program (optional program during the conference): “In the footsteps of Sisi” – Barbara Káli-Rozmis and Erika Mausch

Presentations about Queen Elisabeth at places connected to her (Royal Waiting Room in Western Railway Station; Castle District; Matthias Church; Gerbeaud Confectionery; Vigado Hall)





120th anniversary of the assassination of Queen Elisabeth

Stefánia Palace, Budapest, 25 November 2018 – the whole program is in Hungarian
Presentation by Barbara Káli-Rozmis and an Exhibition by Mónika Czédly


  • Budapest Dance Studio: Viennese Waltz and Hungarian Dances – “Palotás” and “Csárdás”. Song from Elizabeth Musical (in Hungarian) by Anita Potvorszki. Budapest Dance Studio: Blue Danube Waltz. Song from Rudolf Musical (in Hungarian) by Anita Potvorszki.
  • Presentation of Barbara Káli-Rozmis, the researcher of Empress and Queen Elisabeth
  • Exhibition: Replicas of Queen Elisabeth’s Dresses and presentation about them by Mónika Czédly
  • (Optional program) Gastronomic time travel: Dishes that Elisabeth was fond of

TEMPT – The Empress Memory Team

The aim of the TEMPT – The Empress Memory Team is founded to keep the memory of Elisabeth alive with a view of presenting the unbiased and up to date image of the Empress in front of our Readers and Audience.

Introduction of TEMPT Princess: Here

Elisabeth-Page – Facebook: Erzsébet királyné – Empress Elisabeth


Book presentation – a Hungarian video with English subtitles


Queen Elisabeth and her daughter, Gisela, the other “Hungarian Princess”