Videos by Barbara Káli-Rozmis

The French Secret Police in the Footsteps of Empress Elisabeth of Austria (SUBTITLED) (Click on the subtitles before watching.)

Queen Elisabeth and her daughter, Gisela, the other “Hungarian Princess”

Empress Elisabeth’s first child, Archduchess Sophie

Subtitled video, which tells about the life and death of the little Archduchess Sophie (in great detail). From the second half of the video, you may get to know interesting things about the Hungarian tour of the Imperial family in 1857.

Telegrams to Crown Prince Rudolf and the secret of the Mayerling incident

The Buda Hills Summer Villa of Sisi and her Children during Cholera

Bathrooms, famous diamond jewelery and hair relic of Empress Elisabeth of Austria

Ernst Marischka: Sissi-trilogy. Facts and interesting things – background information relating to the movie.

In Memoriam Queen Elisabeth (SUBTITLED)